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One of the best online-based casinos in the world – ChumbaCasino provides more than 80 interesting games for desktop and mobile. Currently, the website offers several games with progressive jackpots to help you to become a millionaire. Let’s take a look at the website to find out more about

Chumbacasino Com

About Chumbacasino Com

Chumbacasino com is one of the most favorite online casinos that provides more than 80 games for desktop and mobile versions. The website is owned and run by VGW Malta Limited, part of the VGW Group.

When playing games with Chumba Casino, the platform continuously brings excitement and fun to players from all over the world.

The way Chumba Casino App works makes it different from other gambling websites as it does not only require players to deposit cash. Instead, Chumba Casino provides two types of games, including:

  • Games are played with Gold Coins
  • Games are played with Sweeps Coins.

When playing with Gold Coins, you cannot transfer or redeem for cash. With this type of game, you simply participate and play with play-money games for entertainment. Moreover, you can use this game type to practice your skill before you use real cash in the Casino. Therefore, this type of game is called social games since the website provides you a package of Gold Coins to play.

Chumba casino app

In terms of Sweeps Coins, it is quite different from Gold Coins. When you are playing with this game type, you can redeem and transfer your Coins for real cash. You need to deposit real money to get Sweeps Coins to play any games you love. If you win, get a real cash prize, sometimes a large amount of money to make you become millionaires.

Below are three primary convenient ways to acquire Sweeps Coins at ChumbaCasino:

  • Getting a free bonus when purchasing Gold Coins: sometimes, Chumba Casino gives away Sweep Coins to players as a bonus after they purchase Gold Coins. Once you log in and purchase Gold Coins, the website will notify you how many Sweep Coins as free bonuses you receive for your purchase.
  • Earning Sweeps Coins when you join in contests: you can join contests hosted by Chumba Casinos on Facebook. You can get the website giveaways and awards by answering questions.
  • Receiving Sweep Coins on a daily basis: when you log in to Chumba Casino every day, you are eligible to get Sweep Coins as a daily bonus.  Once you login in, you will get a notification that you receive free Sweep Coins.

The best 5 games on ChumbaCasino.Com

Below are the best 5 games on Chumba Casino App that help you become a millionaire.

Stampede Fury

In conjunction with its progressive Fireshot Jackpots, Stampede Fury is the best game on Chumba Casino. The chance of Stampede Fury for players is 243 ways. 

There are four jackpots given to help you win the game when you unlock. You will get the following amount if you place the maximum bet:

  • With Mini Jackpot, the maximum bet is up to SC500
  • With Minor Jackpot, the maximum bet is up to SC2,500
  • With Major Jackpot, the maximum bet is up to Progressive Jackpot (currently at SC9,700)
  • With Grand Jackpot, the maximum bet Progressive Jackpot (currently at SC1,229,420)

Grand Jackpot is the largest amount of money you can win. Once you win and claim the money, you will immediately become a millionaire. 

Crazy Bunny Spin

One of the most adorable and entertaining online games on Chumba Casino is Crazy Bunny Spin. Three wilds are available for you to spin, including:

  • Wild
  • Expanding Wild
  • Random Wild

Once you win the game, you get tons of Sweep Coins. 

Chumba Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games in gambling. Many players on Chumba Casino love playing these games not only just for relaxing or entertaining but also for big cash prizes. Chumba Casino Blackjack offers you a big possibility to win Sweeps Coins and become a millionaire.

The range that you can wager is from SC1 to SC250. The higher the range, the greater the money amount that you can win.

Diamond Panther

Diamond Panther is another game loved by several players. The game has two different items combined for you to win a big game. There are five reels and four-row online slots at Diamond Panther. 

The wild Diamond Panther logo and the Shifting Vines feature help you get valuable rewards. 

Long Zhi Bao Zang

Long Zhi Bao Zang is another game on Chumba Casino that you should try if you want to get a big win. This game is another progressive jackpot slot and the Grand Jackpot has been paid out over the years.

There are four progressive jackpots for you to play once you enter the Progressive Pick Feature mode. In other words, you can easily win the game every time you spin.

Below are the following amounts you can win when you play Long Zhi Bao Zang:

  • With Mini Jackpot, you can win SC10 or more
  • With Minor Jackpot, you can win SC30 or more
  • With Major Jackpot, you can win at SC578
  • With Grand Jackpot, you can win at SC228,909

Chumba Casino website review

Chumba Casino Game selections

Right now, there are more than 80 games hosted by Chumba Casino. The games on the website are designed with high standards. Casino Games on Chumba covers all typical casino staples. The following games below are the best games on Chumba Casino selection.

  • Chumba Casino Slots
  • Chumba Casino Roulette
  • Chumba Casino Blackjack
  • Chumba Casino Video Poker

Chumba Casino Mobile App

All games on Chumba Casino mobile app are designed on a responsive website that is compatible with all devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android. You can play games on your mobile as on the desktop without any download. When you play on your mobile device, just visit “ on your browser then log in as on the desktop.

There is no need to worry about the interface on the mobile version since it is adequate. However, some players find it inconvenient to play as they have to rotate their phones to landscape mode to play. But there is one thing to ensure that you will get 100% experience when you play in your mobile version as in desktop because interface, graphic, games features are almost the same. 

ChumbaCasino Purchase Methods

If you want to deposit cash to purchase Sweep Coins, there are some payment methods available for you.

  • Credit cards and debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted at ChumbaCasino
  • Skrill: you can deposit by Skrill- an e-wallet used to hold your cash securely and you can make and receive payment online.
  • Instant ACH: players can use Instant ACH to make instant payments at Chumba Casino.
  • Paysafecard: this option is for customers with cash to spend and it can be used for purchasing and redeeming cash online on Chumba Casino.

That is all about ChumbaCasino App which is one the best social casinos in the world. With a wide variety of games, you have a big chance to become a millionaire. Games are available on desktop and mobile versions that help you to have a good playing experience while you can get rich by playing. Hope you have a good time playing at ChumbaCasino com.